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7 Signs of Mobile App Developers Who Suck

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May 28th, 2018 at 3:09 pm

If you are an entrepreneur, you must be well aware, by now, about the need of consultancies or app development firms to create the best mobile app for your business. To get the best out of your investment and idea, you must ensure that the people you hire do not suck. So below is a list of 7 signs which are usually demonstrated by B grade mobile app developers.

1. Quality of Interaction

‘First impression is the last impression’, a saying true even in the app world. Pay attention to the kind of language your mobile app developers are using, over the phone or via email. This will help you to gauge the knowledge of your mobile app developers to some extent.

You should also be aware of the fact that your developer is not using jargon-heavy language. A good developer should be able to explain the process to you in simple terms.

Also, notice if he/she is paying attention to what you are saying. After all best replica watches, listening is also an important communication. A developer who doesn’t listen is a developer you should sack.

2. Unkempt Digital Presence

Today, social media presence of you is the first thing that you must check before opting for the service of any organisation or business. It is also the same when it comes to mobile app developers. A good social media presence will enable you to evaluate their service much better. An ill-maintained and irregular digital media presence is another sign of developers who suck.

3. Long Response Time

Serious companies and mobile app developers understand the value of the clients’ and the consumers’ time and responds within a short period of time for any enquiry. You can judge the kind of customer service provided by the amount of time they take to respond: hours, days, weeks or months. But, pay notice, this is not applicable for automated responses.

4. Stay Away from ‘Yes Men’

If you knew all about apps, then you would not have hired anyone and build it yourself. One of the most important factor that any good mobile app developer should possess is the balls to tell you what you need to do and what you should not do. They should also be able to give you expert advice regarding technical aspect of the project. And not just agree to everything you say. Yes, men also run the risk of pleasing you, which may lead to long term haemorrhage of your business.

5. A Weak Design Support

An app is primarily graded by the quality of user interface and user experience. So, to develop an app which is great, you must have a great design. And great designs can only be created by a sound design team. A good design team will also offer sketches and plans. A weak design support implies that the mobile app developers suck.


6. They use old and obsolete smartphones and technologies

Mobile app developers who are well-aware of the latest technologies will always opt for the latest smartphones on the market. Not because it is trendy, but because they need to keep themselves updated with the latest hardware capabilities, so that the apps they develop are compatible with the latest

7. An Unbelievably Low Budget

Mobile app development requires a solid conceptual foundation, planning and an excellent team of coders and designers. It goes without saying that such top-notch professionals will cost you. The technology business demands a well-endowed capital in the development of software or applications. Therefore, it is advised that you do not try to cut cost at the expense of losing your grip on the market. Hence, if your mobile app developers quote a price less than the standard industry rate, it is quite probable that they are not top-notch and you should deal carefully with them.

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