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Mobile app will rule in mobile web

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Oct 10th, 2018 at 8:14 am Asia/Kolkata

Now there is an app available for almost everything that you do and mobile apps are widely used for business and marketing activities. Customer engagement, customer support and business promotion are effectively achieved by creating the right kind of mobile apps for your business. The business dynamics are now governed by the extent of right use of the mobile apps despite the fact that mobile websites are also an option for business promotion related activities.

Upwardly mobile

Now you might be baffled by the choice between mobile apps and mobile websites – which could give you better results in terms of customer engagement? To decide on this you will have to analyze the pattern of usage of the mobile devices in the US. According to data collected for the period January 2014 and March 2014 it has been revealed that the average US consumer spends 162 minutes (2 hours 42 minutes) per day on the mobile devices as compared to 66 minutes (1 hour 6 minutes) in December 2010. 

As more time is being spent by people on their mobile devices it only makes good sense to develop mobile apps for your business. An interesting fact that Google has revealed is that 33% of smartphone users use their phones even during television viewing. Therefore, there is no let up in the use of smartphones even when spending time on other media.

Mobile apps or mobile websites?

Yet you might be in two minds whether mobile websites could be a better option. Consider the following facts to take a well informed decision:

  • The mobile website is the  customized version of the regular website and cannot do anything more than what the regular website has to offer, whereas the mobile apps can be developed to do anything you want it to do - like sending push notifications to consumers and many more
  • A mobile app presents you much promptly on the phone. You are there at the press of a button. But for reaching you on the website, the user has to launch the browser and search your web address. Your app presence is always there as the icon is always displayed on the screen.
  • Statistics show that consumers who had spent 20% time in mobile web browsing in 2013 have devoted only 14% time for it in 2014 whereas for the same period the mobile apps time has gone up from 80% to 86%.

The skeptics will point to the compatibility issues of native mobile apps that may not be available across all mobile platforms. Well, this is true but not really detrimental because the problem can be avoided by developing cross platform apps or shifting from native apps to web based apps. The native mobile apps are dependent on the capabilities of the devices whereas the web based apps are dependent on the capabilities of the browser thereby freeing them from device dependence for their performance.

Mobile apps are simply unstoppable and are destined to rule the mobile web.

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