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Facebook is undoubtedly the champ of all social media sites. It is powerful marketing tool that provides scope to develop brand identity, keep customers informed, and broaden your reach. Whether it’s using Home Page Ads, Social Ads or Sponsored Stories, Intelligent App Solutions can help business gain positive impact that results in better bottom-line.

How We Develop Facebook Marketing Campaign?

We use three tools Pages, Ads, and Groups to promote your business on Facebook arena.
Facebook business page is a space where we develop your brand identity. A business page can be searched for as soon as it is up. Here we are going to share links, post images, and list product offerings and services to make your business popular among the Facebook users. We will post and share everything that is connected to your business and try to amuse your target audience.
Facebook offers a fantastic targeted advertising platform; it is basically content that we share with a specific, targeted audience. We will run paid aid campaigns to expand the reach of your product and services. Facebook ads basically contain an image, a copy, and a click-through link to a Facebook page or the website of your company.
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We will create Facebook groups related to your product offerings and industry as a means to reach out to potential clients. We will try hard to glued your followers with the page through various activities such as running contest, hosting events, sponsored stories, share fun facts and provide incentive codes for discounts on products and services. Our marketers will do anything that will catch the interest of fans.
At Intelligent App Solutions, we conduct creative, viral social media campaigns specifically designed for your target group. We will give you a precise monthly performance reports furnishing the exact conversion rate vs expenditure.

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